Youtuber releases Video with gpg4o-Malwarelink

17.08.2015 | General

Dear Visitors,

attentive people did inform us that a youtuber named Roman Sobczak released a fake video on Youtube with a potential malware link over bitly. Please take care and be aware that Giegerich & Partner never releases download-Links via URL-Shorteners. We did inform Youtube and hope that the video will be deleted soon.

Addendum 2015/08/19: Youtube has deleted the content fast – thanks! Meanwhile some customers asked how to check the integrity of the installation package. Here is a quick guide (a Howto will follow soon):

UAC active: If UAC has been activated on your computer, you will be prompted whether you allow the installation software to alter your configuration. Click on “Details”, choose “Fingerprint” and compare it to this one, valid since December 2014: ‎99 e0 20 5e c5 73 0f bc a8 c7 e3 58 a4 82 c3 8c d0 bc 03 8f

UAC inactive or check advice without starting the software:

  • Rightclick on the setup file and then on “options”
  • Choose “Signatures” and the Certificate of “Giegerich & Partner GmbH”.
  • Click on “Details” to see whether the signature is valid and whether the package may have been altered.
  • Choose “Show Certificate” to enter the dialogue with the fingerprint which may be compared to the one above.

Best regards
Your team from Giegerich & Partner


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