Why People Are Talking About Information Security

04.12.2014 | Uncategorized

Modern businesses must secure private data to remain competitive. In the realm of data security, the current picture holds both promise and peril. These days, more people are discussing digital information security than at any other time in history. This is trend is partly caused by the greater numbers of people now sharing data. However, the increase in security awareness is also influenced by troubling security news developments. From illegal hackers to government groups like the NSA, people with dubious intentions are increasingly sophisticated in their attacks on private data.

Why Simply Using Reputable E-Mail Programs Isn’t Enough

Even large companies with appreciable resources can lose information control and subsequently face major setbacks. Some people mistakenly believe they don’t have to worry about encryption if they use reputable e-mail programs like Microsoft Outlook 2010. In fact, bad actors specifically target the most popular applications. With Outlook 2013 and subsequent releases, Microsoft did its best to fill in security gaps and improve user security. However, risk remains for those who use standard, “out-of-the-box” Outlook installations. Fortunately Outlook communications can become completely secured through the addition of a plugin like gpg4o

Even in this jaded era, some naive businesspeople expect e-mail providers to secure each and every confidential communication. While e-mail providers may encrypt message bodies, they can leave sensitive e-mail attachments completely vulnerable. Oftentimes, attached documents contain the most sensitive and confidential business data. Acquiring third-party e-mail encryption is a must for a wide variety of businesses in many industries.

The Security Benefits Of Using OpenPGP

Currently, OpenPGP is considered the gold-standard encryption protocol available to the public. OpenPGP is so secure that it is comparable to secret, military-grade encryption systems. Fortunately, one doesn’t need sophisticated technical knowledge to use OpenPGP. Any OpenPGP-compliant app is secure enough to handle virtually all security needs.

Giegerich und Partner is one of the more promising firms enabling e-mail encryption today. This company offers gpg4o, a Microsoft Outlook plugin that benefits users with all of the security OpenPGP provides. Products like gpg4o give businesspeople the confidence that stems from unparalleled privacy.


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