Protect your company from cybercrime

17.03.2014 | Uncategorized

Businesses need to take special care when using the Internet to send emails, collect customer information and connect with potential clients. The BBC reported that credit card information from almost half of all South Koreans was stolen in January 2014. Target stores across the US reported 40 million credit cards stolen in 2013. The unfortunate […]

Email Security in Companies

28.02.2014 | Uncategorized

With more and more vital business functions being carried out over the internet, protecting corporate information is more vital than ever. Unfortunately, many companies pay less attention to IT-security than they do to physical security, even though the risks of hacking are as great as — if not greater than — the risks of theft. […]

Security against spies

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The problem The internet allows instant, worldwide communication, but how secure are the messages you send? Concerns about email security have been heightened in recent months by a number of high profile news stories involving hacking or snooping. Both businesses and private individuals are at risk, while both email software like Microsoft Outlook and web-based […]