Safe Email Communication for Companies: Using OpenPGP-Encryption to Protect Your Emails

The widespread reliance on emails for communication between employees at the workplace, coupled with the increased incidences of cybercrime including phishing attacks has made email security a top priority. The danger of your sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands is very real and the consequences can be devastating. Large companies such as Target […]

The growing problem of data security

Data security is one of the most critical challenges facing businesses today. According to the IBM X-Force Trend and Risk Report, the U.S. Accounts for 50% of the world’s data breaches with an average of 2 million attacks a week. Over 600 million records have been stolen from 4,000 successful data breaches since 2005. After […]

How Can You Send Emails Securely Nowadays?

By now, you should be used to the fact that someone other than your intended recipient can read your emails at will. No, this isn’t a conspiracy theory or paranoia, U.S. government programs like the NSA’s PRISM are well-documented for their ability to indiscriminately gather massive amounts of information. The fact that the majority of […]

The secure way – email encryption

13.10.2014 | Uncategorized

E-mail encryption sounds complicated, but in reality it is a fairly simple process with the right solution provided. When an e-mail is encrypted, the text of the message is scrambled using a pre-determined key. This is an important concept in data security. When the key is combined with the scrambled or encrypted message, the original […]

Encrypt Your Emails With a Proven Solution

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Your company is always exposed to illicit activities of hackers, who might want to compromise your internal and consumer data. Hackers find it easy to jeopardize internal product information, personnel information, special promotions, and advertising campaigns, just to name a few. If you believe you are protected just because you use an email client such […]

Security against spies

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The problem The internet allows instant, worldwide communication, but how secure are the messages you send? Concerns about email security have been heightened in recent months by a number of high profile news stories involving hacking or snooping. Both businesses and private individuals are at risk, while both email software like Microsoft Outlook and web-based […]