Comprehensive Data Security Solutions

16.03.2015 | Blog

Spam, hacking, viruses and other malicious activity all make it difficult for businesses to operate efficiently and profitably. Time that employees have to spend deleting spam and recovering from viruses could be spent on fostering organizational excellence. Some companies choose to install a variety of spam blockers and desktop programs for dealing with unwanted content. […]

Email security

Security of company emails is becoming more and more important. For example, the massive Sony hack that exposed countless internal emails compromised a lot of internal information, both personal and financial, occurred because the attacker was able to gain access to the email system, which was not encrypted. Email encryption is a critical part of […]

Protect your Business with Secure Encryption

30.07.2014 | General

In spite of the rise of various social media channels, email remains a popular choice for online communications: About 144.8 billion emails are exchanged every single day. Email is an efficient way to collaborate online as shown by the extent that it is used in the workplace. Workers spend an of average 153 minutes daily […]