How can you safely protect against e-mail espionage?

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The worldwide web has fundamentally changed the shape of society of the past twenty years. It has offered a levelled playing field for everybody: allowing private individual to connect with other people around the world with no intermediation from broadcast networks, and enabling businesses to compete against each other on equal terms. As with any […]

The Important Role of Email Encryption

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In the light of recent revelations over internet privacy, online security has become a growing concern. It is an issue which is no longer the sole concern of IT and security specialists, but one affects everybody: from the individual to the largest of businesses. Few would welcome the thought of another person accessing our private […]

Secure e-mail communication within companies

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  Many senior staff would like to view internet security breaches as the result of either the intrusion of a James Bond super cyber-villain or of an inside job. According to Verizon’s 2013 data breach report, 92 per cent of breaches originate outside of a company and the majority of successful attacks rely on low-tech […]