What is Email Encryption? – Simple Facts about Encryption

19.05.2014 | General

Email encryption is vital for any business or individual who plans to send confidential information via the email format. Unfortunately, many business owners are not aware of the fact that using a popular email solution such as Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 will not provide them with automatic protection. Instead, additional steps must be taken […]

The Importance of Secure Email Dispatch for Companies and Individuals

11.04.2014 | General

Emails sent in plain, unencrypted format represents a large security risk for businesses, organizations and individuals. They can be intercepted by almost anyone when the right hub or router is monitored, which makes unprotected emails one of the easiest ways for spies to steal corporate secrets and personal information. From what we finally know from […]

Protect your company from cybercrime

17.03.2014 | Uncategorized

Businesses need to take special care when using the Internet to send emails, collect customer information and connect with potential clients. The BBC reported that credit card information from almost half of all South Koreans was stolen in January 2014. Target stores across the US reported 40 million credit cards stolen in 2013. The unfortunate […]

How can you safely protect against e-mail espionage?

19.02.2014 | Uncategorized

The worldwide web has fundamentally changed the shape of society of the past twenty years. It has offered a levelled playing field for everybody: allowing private individual to connect with other people around the world with no intermediation from broadcast networks, and enabling businesses to compete against each other on equal terms. As with any […]

Secure e-mail communication within companies

10.01.2014 | Uncategorized

  Many senior staff would like to view internet security breaches as the result of either the intrusion of a James Bond super cyber-villain or of an inside job. According to Verizon’s 2013 data breach report, 92 per cent of breaches originate outside of a company and the majority of successful attacks rely on low-tech […]

The encryption and secure archiving of e-mails

20.12.2013 | Uncategorized

How to keep email conversations private, whether they are personal or business-related, is a growing safety concern. Fortunately there are some simple ways to encrypt emails and sensitive attachments, maximizing security and minimizing the possibility of interception. gpg4o Encryption Software gpg4o follows earlier encryption software developments and is based on GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG), which […]

Encrypting Email: Security for the Twenty First Century

17.10.2013 | Uncategorized

If the public has been taught anything from the recent exposure of widespread surveillance targeting online data, it is that encryption has never been a more important part of our daily communications. News stories regarding the NSA, GCHQ and the whistle-blower Edward Snowden have all highlighted the need for consumers to take responsibility for their […]