Email Security with Encryption Systems

Many would agree that email has surpassed the telephone as the primary means of communications by business professionals across all industries. However, most email systems are not secure, and this lack of privacy for such a widely used tool has become a worldwide recognized issue. While all companies are mandated by law to protect personally […]

Email security

Security of company emails is becoming more and more important. For example, the massive Sony hack that exposed countless internal emails compromised a lot of internal information, both personal and financial, occurred because the attacker was able to gain access to the email system, which was not encrypted. Email encryption is a critical part of […]

Central Administration of gpg4o 3.4

gpg4o is not just another encryption AddIn for Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2010 but a centrally manageable email encyrption solution for enterprises, based on GnuPG and the OpenPGP standard. gpg4o always do encrypt and sign mails at the endpoint. gpg4o is native endpoint encryption at its best – ease of use integrated. Regardless whether users […]

Security becomes daily routine – gpg4o 3.4 with new features for commercial and private e-mail encryption

Dreieich, 13 January 2015 – Just in time for the start of the year, the latest version 3.4 of the email encryption add-in gpg4o has been released. Inspired by customer feedback and corporate needs, the update above all brings new features for administrators to improve and further simplify integration into the corporate environment. In addition, […]

gpg4o 3.4 Released

Distributed since Dec. 19 2014 – gpg4o 3.4 is available now. As usual we did a lot of development below the surface. Security and useability are the key issues. gpg4o 3.4 delivers even more security Our longtime customers know: Quality and Security are capitalized at Giegerich & Partner. Therefore we reviewed the complete sources to […]

The growing problem of data security

Data security is one of the most critical challenges facing businesses today. According to the IBM X-Force Trend and Risk Report, the U.S. Accounts for 50% of the world’s data breaches with an average of 2 million attacks a week. Over 600 million records have been stolen from 4,000 successful data breaches since 2005. After […]

gpg4o 3.4 Beta 1 available

It has been a long and intense development work with lots of quality assurance. Yet here we go: gpg4o 3.4 Beta 1 is available. We emphasized on better integration of gpg4o in enterprise environments, optimized user experience again to make email encryption even easier to use. In addition, compatibility to other OpenPGP based implementations has […]

The underestimated risk in the company

20.11.2014 | Uncategorized

Every year, hackers become more adept at stealing personal information online. This information usually includes email addresses, credit card numbers, addresses and login passwords. Despite the very real risk, e-mail security is often overlooked by businesses. Smaller companies are especially at risk, as they may lack network security and email encryption software to prevent data […]

How to protect your Emails and Internet Browsing from government surveillance

With the rampant Internet eavesdropping happening from many sources including government agencies (e.g. NSA) and criminals, it should be the top priority of a company to safeguard its email communication. Any potential leaks into company’s confidential data can have a detrimental effect on the company, which could potentially shut down its operations. PGP to the […]

The secure way – email encryption

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E-mail encryption sounds complicated, but in reality it is a fairly simple process with the right solution provided. When an e-mail is encrypted, the text of the message is scrambled using a pre-determined key. This is an important concept in data security. When the key is combined with the scrambled or encrypted message, the original […]