How To Protect Confidential Data

05.01.2015 | Blog

There is a lot of confusion about how to make sure your important business data is well protected. But there are good data security alternatives for those willing to do just a little work. E-mail Policy First and foremost, establish and maintain an e-mail policy for your company. E-mail encryption with a standard like openPGP […]

Protect your company from cybercrime

17.03.2014 | Uncategorized

Businesses need to take special care when using the Internet to send emails, collect customer information and connect with potential clients. The BBC reported that credit card information from almost half of all South Koreans was stolen in January 2014. Target stores across the US reported 40 million credit cards stolen in 2013. The unfortunate […]

Roadmap gpg4o 3.3 – Sneak Preview

Software Developers and Software Users know it: After the release is before the next release. So after the release of gpg4o 3.2 he have been busy writing concepts for the next version 3.3. Version 3.3 will be a step towards the next major release 4.0 Our development goal for gpg4o in 2014 is to improve […]