secure email dispatch in companies

Email encryption is designed to protect emails from being read by anyone but the intended recipient. If the other person is using a similar application, the contents of the email remain private. If the computer and the email account of the person using the solution is secure, one will find it easier to keep all content and information confidential when communicating with other parties. Cryptography is the technology used to make messages unreadable as they are being transmitted to another individual.

How are unencrypted dangerous to a business?

Companies cannot afford to expose partners, clients and key stakeholders to such risks. Data encryption plays a key role in security and compliance for all business types Over 54 million identities were stolen, according to research. Companies can expect to spend over 1,500 hours per incident to recover from the issue. For each incident, the average cost in addressing the security breach was $40,000 or more. Secure email dispatch services protect sensitive email data from being read by others.

What are the advantages of email encryption?

Secure email dispatch builds trust with consumers. Services like OpenPGP can also be instrumental in protecting proprietary information and intellectual property. Very few changes to the infrastructure are required to make utilize this solution. Most solutions are highly compatible with existing software solutions and are easy to incorporate into existing security policies because they require fewer resources to maintain. Secure email dispatch protects communications and shields the brand against data breaches, which can result in legal fees, penalties and profitability. Some encryption software protects the information as it rests on the server and offers protects as it is being transported.

Secure email dispatches come in different varieties. Some require exchanging credentials beforehand while others require no additional effort in managing communications. Security experts recommend a hybrid approach in protecting against data breaches.



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