Roadmap gpg4o 3.3 – Sneak Preview

Software Developers and Software Users know it: After the release is before the next release. So after the release of gpg4o 3.2 he have been busy writing concepts for the next version 3.3. Version 3.3 will be a step towards the next major release 4.0

Our development goal for gpg4o in 2014 is to improve the integration of gpg4o in business and even enterprise environments. Of course there will be a lot of improvements to the plugin again. Better control for administrators about how people use gpg4o in companies is a major first step. As always we keep an eye on usability not only regarding the plugin but the administration as well. You are welcome to tell us your thoughts and comments any time.

Towards version 3.2 we started with refactoring the code, looking for improvement potential in any direction, especially performance. We are not through with this review and will continue to do so for version 3.3 as well. Hopefully we will be through with it then.

Some improvements will be made regarding the cooperation with GnuPG 2.x. Caching for passphrases will be adjustable for example. New configuration option will enhance trust-adjustment (Web of Trust) and disable the GnuPG header in sent emails. The GUI of the send mail dialog will be enhanced and the sendoption toolbar may be enabled or disabled by mouseclick.

Fig. 1: Sendoption enable / disable (see arrow)

gpg4o will support the automatich import of public keys from inbound email, saving the user valuable time. This will as well make gpg4o easier to use. Purchasing additional license-support and updates will be more easy too. The license itself is perpetual as you know.

If you need some help you will find our new gpg4o Help-Center useful. If you just wanna read something in the manual or in available ressources on our website, need help from support or sales, you will find it all behind a single button in the gpg4o ribbon:

Fig 2: New Help-Center

Administrators in companies will hopefully be happy about gpg4o being configurable remote with Microsofts Policy Manager. With the policy manager you will be able to enable / disable certain functions in gpg4o for users and usergroups. This enables administrators to adapt gpg4o to compliance rules and company regulations and – in addition – reduces the functions for the enduser to what they really need.

Fig. 3: configuration of gpg4o in the policy editor (sorry for german language here)

The following functions will be configurable by the administrator in gpg4o 3.3:

  • Handling of keys: creating, deleting, import, export, (de-)activation, signing, trust-setting
  • Allow / deny sending of public keys
  • Creation and use of revocation certificates
  • Handling of keyservers (upload, search for keys, download)
  • Handling of passphrases (Is the user allowed to change them?)

Beneath these major tasks we will generally improve gpg4o along all the hints which came in over the last months. As usual, all functions which are not made especially for enterprise use will be found in the home & student version as well. A beta release is planned for april 2014. If you are interested to participate in our beta-program, just get in contact with us. Windows XP support will be discontinued by Microsoft as of April 15th 2014. We cannot recommend to use it for security-software anymore but know that some customers will do. Therefore we decided to test and still support gpg4o 3.3 on Windows XP for this release.

We would be happy if you like where we are heading to and would be happy if you want to write us your comments just below or in our Forum.


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