Easy and safe Encryption of emails.




Easy and safe Encryption of emails.


gpg4o® is suitable for enterprise use as well as for private use. The requirements of both user groups are different though. Administrators in enterprises need additional or different features regarding installation, administration, mail archiving and backup. This was one of the main reasons for our decision to offer gpg4o® Free for private use only.

gpg4o® Feature Comparison Sheet

gpg4o® Feature Comparison Sheet

Additional features for enterprise use (full version)

  • Support for silent installation and rollout. gpg4o® uses the Microsoft® Windows Installer (MSI) and therefore is compatible to the usual tools for software distribution within companies.
  • Integration with Microsoft® Terminalserver: gpg4o® installs as usual. You are only required to buy licenses for the users who need gpg4o.
  • Licensing model: gpg4o® is licensed per user (or role account). gpg4o® may be used on different systems and / or profiles parallel as long as it is the same person using it.
  • Centralized Keymanagment: Administrators are permitted to generate keypairs in batch-mode. The keys may be distributed among the gpg4o® installations then.
  • Only encrypt attachments: gpg4o® lets you choose between a maximum of security by encrypting complete emails or only to only encrypt email attachments. gpg4o® may be configured the way that decrypted messages stay decrypted.
  • Interoperation with DATEV Software: If you use DATEV Software, please ask us for special installation instructions.
  • Internationalisation: gpg4o® supports UTF-8 (Unicode) both in mail bodies and attachments. This helps you to communicate with partners around the world.
  • gpg4o® supports different account types, even parallel: Microsoft® Exchange, POP3, IMAP4, Exchange Activesync (e.g.
  • Groupware solutions: Zarafa®, Kerio® Connect and Microsoft® Exchange are tested groupware solutions.
  • Features for handicapped: Screenreaders are not only supported to read the mails body but also to inform you about the encryption status and other GnuPG related information.
  • Migration assistant: You do need to change hardware? No problem with gpg4o®. Just backup your gpg4o® installation and move the installation to new hardware. Your keyrings, options, trust-settings, active accounts and gpg4o-settings remain unchanged.
  • Individually configured send rules: If you communicate with lots of partners this feature will come very handy. Preset whether you want to encrypt and / or sign emails for specific partners by default or when your mail contains e.g. a certain keyword (many more options available)
  • Administrators are now able to integrate gpg4o® with group policies via policy editor.
Free trial

gpg4o® Free for private use

  • gpg4o® Free is not licensed for commercial or enterprise use. It may only be used for private purposes.
  • Lean version: It has all necessary features for private use.
  • Mail account types: gpg4o® supports the most important account types for private use: POP3, IMAP4, Exchange Activesync (e.g.
  • License for private use: Every natural person needs a license. The license may be used on different systems and / or profiles parallel.
  • Restrictions:
    • No support for Accounts on Microsoft® Exchange Servers
    • No individual sending rules
    • No decrypted saving of emails
    • No automatic up-/download of keys
    • No check on GnuPG updates
    • Always one account active
    • No commercial use
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