Easy and safe Encryption of emails.




Easy and safe Encryption of emails.

Latest version: gpg4o® 5.0

Aniversary Edition: gpg4o® 5.0 with new enterprise features

Giegerich & Partner celebrates the fifth “software birthday” of gpg4o® – the mail encryption Add-In for Microsoft™ Outlook® – with the availability of gpg4o® 5.0.
gpg4o® 5.0 now supports GnuPG 2.1 as well as several improvements in usability, performance and stability. The new version also includes improvements when using external key servers.

Try the new release as part of your existing service contract or as 45day trial. We appreciate your feedback.

gpg4o 5.0

Chosen new features in gpg4o® 5.0 at a glance:

  • Support GnuPG 2.1 (requires GnuPG version 2.1.15 or higher)
  • Strong cryptography using elliptical curves: higher speeed and shorter key lengths while improving security
  • Option for automatic import and export of keys improved
  • Improved performance on answers and forwards
  • Support external key servers: easy key management, centrally managed keys (requires GiePa Enterprise KeyServer)
  • Many improvements in key management

Chosen new features in version 3.5 of gpg4o

  • Support of Windows 10 and Office 2016
  • Advanced management of identities ( user IDs ) in the Key Management
  • Automatic signature check all attachments , in addition further special case treatments
  • Export keys to the clipboard
  • Further improvements in performance , compatibility and stability
  • A fully-renovated installer

Chosen new features in version 3.4.1 of gpg4o

  • Keyservers and the Autoimport Keyserver may be defined centrally by administrators.
  • Support for teams with role models and support for the Outlook assistant function. Virtual account help you do so.
  • Detached (PGP/MIME) signatures may now be inspected correctly. Several additional improvements in PGP/MIME Handling.
  • Better overview about necessary keys for one email. Coloured marks for ambigious or missing keys.
  • Users may now import keys from clipboard.
  • Use of keys by means of sending rules is marked with colours for easy overview.
  • Consequent usage of long key-IDs in gpg4o double checked.
  • Starting performance of gpg4o improved plus additional performance improvements.

Chosen new functions and improvements in release 3.3 at a glance:

  • Administrators are now able to integrate gpg4o with group policies via policy editor.
  • Send options may be minimized or hidden completely (e.g. if account is disabled).
  • As usual: Lots of unnamed improvements and bugfixes.
  • Enhanced Integration with Terminalserver environments.
  • GnuPG check allows to prove that the GPG Enviroment is not corrupt.
  • Enhanced configuration of unsigned keys added.
  • Automatic download of public keys from a chosen keyserver.
  • Caching of passphrases configurable (GnuPG 2.x).
  • Supports HKP protocol up to latest release (1.1.5).
  • Handling of emails with eronous linefeeds improved.
  • New help center for all information around gpg4o.
  • Various small improvements and bug fixing.

For further information regarding the history of gpg4o® take a look at the Changelog.