Easy and safe Encryption of emails.




Easy and safe Encryption of emails.

Main Features

Get the most out of email encryption with gpg4o

  • gpg4o® by Giegerich & Partner guarantees the privacy integrity of your electronic correspondence by mail encryption and electronic signature
  • gpg4o® is easy to install and very user-friendly
  • Get the latest releases with more user-friendly and secure features with product maintenance (one year included in the license fee, additional years available in our internet shop
  • Communicate with millions of other users with gpg4o® or other OpenPGP based encryption software.
  • Seamless integration in Microsoft® Outlook® 2010/2013/2016

Email encryption made easy thanks to those features:

  • The setup wizard leads you through all necessary steps to prepare you to use encrypted mail communication (e.g. creation of a pair of keys)
  • gpg4o® uses screenreaders for handicapped people not only to read the mail content but also to read encryption status and other information as well.
  • Your most important functions (“encrypt”, “sign”, “use HTML”, “send public key”) are directly integrated below the ribbon of the “create new message” window.
  • gpg4o® helps you avoid making common mistakes while creating and sending encrypted mail with the help of support dialogues.
  • If you like, you may create and view your mails as an HTML format as usual. The viewer is fully integrated in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Get an easy overview of all your keys with gpg4o® key management.
  • Compatible wirh most OpenPGP based mail encryption software (See this list of tested products)

GnuPG features, utilized by gpg4o:

  • Send and receive encrypted and/or signed emails.
  • Send your own public key to any email recipient. The recipient will be able to send you encrypted messages after importing your public key into their keyring.
  • Send and receive encrypted email attachments.
  • Answer and transmit encrypted and/or signed email to other recipients and/or the original sender.
  • Import public keys from received emails or files. You will then be able to send encrypted email to the owner of the according private key then.
  • gpg4o® works with keyservers. Upload your own public key or search for public keys of other users if you want to send them encrypted mail.
  • Sign foreign public keys.
  • Web of Trust – Validate foreign public keys by checking the information of well known and trusted keyowners you communicate with.

Features for technically oriented readers:

    • gpg4o® handles UTF-8 both in the mail body and in attachments of mails (Unicode) enabling you to communicate with international partners.
    • gpg4o® enables you to receive and decrypt PGP/MIME emails.
    • gpg4o® supports GnuPG 1.4.x, 2.0.x, 2.1 and 2.2.x (GnuPG is automatically installed when needed).
    • Easy integration with Microsoft Terminalserver (just install it). You are only required to license gpg4o® for those users who need it.
    • gpg4o® is able to communicate with multiple keyservers.
    • Get the latest features and enhancements with product maintenance (one your within the license, additional years can be procured in our online shop).

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