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gpg4o® Software Package
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45 day trial if no license present
End user manual for current version Download PDF
Administrator manual for current version Download PDF
EULA – End User License Agreement Download PDF
List of compatible mail programs Download PDF
Whitepaper: Dealing with OpenPGP Key Pairs within the Company Download PDF
GnuPG: Current version Download

Additional information:

  • The free gpg4o® Free license for non-commercial purposes is now available here.
  • There is no need to reinstall gpg4o® when you buy a license or additional periods of maintenance.
  • In case you are in need of an older version of gpg4o please contact us.
  • If you are in need of a prolonged test period please contact us.
  • Detailed information about features of special versions can be found in the changelog.

Software Requirements

gpg4o® requires the system components listed below. The components will usually be downloaded and installed automatically during the setup.

In case the downloads fail during setup (e.g. because of an unstable or nonexisting internet connection) you can download them from here:


Download Link / Information
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (Full) Download Installer

(only required for Windows 7 or Vista and if no .NET 4.x was installed already)

Microsoft VSTO Runtime Download Installer

(only required for Outlook 2010)

Microsoft Office PIA Download Installer

(only required for Outlook 2010)

Additional information for Administrators:

Place the downloaded files into the same directory where gpg4o_setup.exe resides, they will then be found and used by gpg4o_Setup.exe.

If you nevertheless need a MSI file, you can download it from here.

Downloads for gpg4o® before version 3.2

Since Version 3.2 GnuPG gets installed together with gpg4o, as long as it is not existing. If you want to install a gpg4o version prior to 3.2 you have to download and install GnuPG manually.

Download Link / Information
GnuPG 1.4.19 Download Installer
GnuPG 1.4.19 Download Signature

Downloads for previous versions of gpg4o®

Version Software Manual Admin Manual*) Templates**)
gpg4o 5.0
Release 29.09.2016 ***)
  Download PDF Download PDF  
gpg4o 3.5
Release 02.11.2015 ***)
Download Download PDF Download PDF  
 gpg4o 3.4.1
Release 03.03.2015 ***)
Download Download PDF Download PDF Download ZIP
gpg4o 3.4
Release 16.12.2014 ***)
Download Download PDF Download PDF Download ZIP
gpg4o 3.3
Release 21.05.2014 ***)
Download Download PDF Download PDF Download ZIP
gpg4o 3.2
Release 19.02.2014 ***)
Download Download PDF    
gpg4o 3.1   Download PDF    
gpg4o 3.0   Download PDF    

*) Manual for administrators, that use gpg4o in the business field and want to centrally manage it.
**) ADMX-Templates for the Microsoft Policy Manager for central control of gpg4o.
***) Software usable with licenses whose maintenance doesn't end before the given date.