Easy and safe Encryption of emails.




Easy and safe Encryption of emails.

Changelog gpg4o

Please use this changelog to see the progress gpg4o made since 1.0. The changelog will be updated with every new release.

You can also get the version history directly from your installed add-in: Settings> Update>> Version history

v6.0.9.9529 (Release 6.0)
Release-Date: 02/05/2019

  • Support for Outlook 2019 implemented
  • Decryption of incoming emails
  • Decryption of all emails in a folder
  • Saving passphrases using DPAPI available
  • Handling of errors of the HomeDir backup improved
  • Pop out inline response when replying/forwarding PGP/MIME emails
  • Removed delay when sending emails with large amount of recipients
  • Replying/Forwarding non MDC protected emails improved

v5.4.8.9195 (Beta 5.4)
Release-Date: 10/09/2018

  • Optimized handling of gpg4oTemp.pst when used on Terminalservers
  • gpg4o now supports GnuPG v2.2.9
  • Faster startup of gpg4o by delaying the update check of gpg4o
  • Remove the mails in draft folder that have already been sent by the user
  • Addin becomes more stable when deycrypting mails and viewing it in reading pane
  • Some other smaller fixes

v5.3.201.9100 (Release 5.3.2)
Release-Date: 06/20/2018

  • Emails without MDC protection can be decrypted after a security message
  • Encrypted emails will be sent MDC protected by default.
  • Registry Key “ReadAsPlain” is respected when rolled out per group policies.
  • (De)Activated keypairs are displayed correct again.
  • Support of GnuPG 1.4.23 and 2.2.8

v5.3.100.9082 (Release 5.3.1)

  • Protection against Efail: MDC check for older GnuPG Versions (1.4.xx)
  • Fixed error – unable to change the GnuPG homedir path in gpg4o options.

v5.3.8.9035 (Release 5.3)
Release-Date: 01/19/2018

  • Messages at startup no longer as single windows, but in a separate bar in Outlook.
  • Performance improvements for multiple email accounts in one PST file.
  • Release all references to emails opened from the file system after use.
  • Minor improvements to program behavior and user interface.
  • Improved GnuPG 2.2 support.
  • Improved/simplified logging.
  • Fixed a bug in the group policies (ADM and AMDX).
  • Allow to reply or forward not decrypted/decryptable e-mails.
  • Improved caching of keys.
  • Fixed key import when composing an email.
  • Fixed error message displayed incorrectly within the trial period.
  • Fixed handling of running GnuPG agents.
  • Prevent multiple display of disabled queries.
  • Avoid incorrectly displayed error message when sending an e-mail.
  • Error message when unsuccessfully signing public keys added.
  • Improved signatures of gpg4o program files.

v5.2.19.8730 (Release 5.2)
Release-Date: 09/21/2017

  • gpg4o now supports GnuPG version 2.2.0 upwards
  • Determination of the GnuPG path improved
  • Extended signature verification is now enabled by default
  • Performance optimization for account management
  • Fixed manual path entry during key creation for revocation certificate and backup
  • Several possible dialogs after key creation combined to a single one
  • Optimized structure and content of the manuals
  • Several other minor bugs fixed

v5.1.18.8514 (Release 5.1)
Release-Date: 07/11/2017

  • User Identities with non-western characters (especially german Umlauts) are displayed correct again
  • Creation of keys with less than 2048 bit is not possible anymore
  • Automatic backup of GnuPG homedir (Keys and configuration)
  • Import of gpg4o licenses attached in a shown email
  • Import of keys attached in a shown email
  • Update of local keys when showing an email
  • Hint to expiring key pairs
  • Change the expiration date of a key manually
  • Added tool for correcting incorrect start of gpg4o
  • Added tool to diagnose licensing problems
  • Performance optimization for processing large attachments
  • Performance optimization for emails with a large amount of text
  • Performance optimization for analysing emails
  • Performance optimization for answering in inline responses for Outlook 2013 and 2016
  • Performance optimization for checking MD5 key pairs
  • Logging stage changeable in the settings
  • Limit the amount of log files
  • Re-worked sending process
  • Log level changed to Stage 7 “Detailed” in beta versions
  • Unified titles of all dialogs in free license
  • Improved logging when the GnuGP version list cannot be checked
  • Decryption of multi-encrypted emails
  • Manually assigned keys were not saved in draft of email
  • Improved description of effect on missing keys for signature check
  • Improved sending of emails with active “S/MIME signing”
  • Export of keys into the correct directory
  • Corrected error message of cancelled creation of a revocation certificate
  • Save dialog not shown when the export of a key pair is cancelled
  • Text for auto-import server improved
  • Prevent error message when adding unknown receiver
  • Handling of error by wrong entry of separation characters in the field for receivers
  • Improved anonymization of email addresses with 4 digit TLD
  • Hide key pairs for unusable signatures
  • HTML conversion question saved throughout Outlook session
  • Web requests changed completely to https
  • Warning in key management when registry entries contain wrong values
  • Always show Microsoft Outlook attachments when using GnuPG 1.4.21
  • Saved key import of key servers with URL encoding
  • Correctly decrypt emails encrypted with S/MIME and OpenPGP
  • Corrected handling of GnuPG settings gpg.conf
  • Prevent endless loop when decrypting emails
  • Improved decryption of emails sent from different webmail clients
  • Improved message for GnuPG updates
  • Improved processing of PGP/MIME emails with additional text in body
  • Improved determination of HomeDir that GnuPG 2.1 uses
  • Emails with “Only encrypt attachments” no longer converted to Plain-Text
  • Extended signature check always enabled
  • Improved recognition of encrypted/signed files
  • Check for account settings also added for virtual accounts
  • Corrected creation and checking of signatures of attachments with non-western letters in file name
  • Improved handling when encrypting emails and an error occurs
  • Improved recognition of unusable GnuPG versions
  • GnuPG Agent restarted when the HomeDir is changed
  • Optimized anoymization of log files in case of exceptions
  • Added Fallbacks in case of exceptions when anonymizing/deleting temporary emails
  • Optimized handling of user identities containing non-western letters

v5.0.7.7563 (Release 5.0)
Release-Date: 09/29/2016

  • gpg4o now supports GnuPG version 2.1.15 upwards
  • Improved the key generation dialog
  • Option for automatic export of public keys to one keyserver
  • Extended the automatic key import
  • Added support to change the size of the keyserver search window in the key management
  • You can now search for a fingerprint on keyservers
  • The key management now supports more typical keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved the stability in Outlook 2016
  • In Outlook 2016 the zoom values are now detected correctly
  • Added support for contact groups stored in the local address book
  • The sending rules do now support contact groups (local as well as Exchange contact groups)
  • Double check encryption/signature of emails before sending
  • MD5 keys marked as unsecure, by newer versions of GnuPG, are no longer used
  • A lot of (small) performance imporovements
  • and much more…

v3.5.39.6410 (Release 3.5)
Release-Datum: 09/30/2015

  • Support of Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016
  • Added Gnupg version checking and update
  • Added management of identities (User-IDs) of keys
  • Passphrase dialog shows the key for which the passphrase is requested
  • Automatic signature verifcation of all attachments
  • Improved signature verifcation in case of a difference between the signature and the sender
  • Email preview automaticall resizes to the best fit
  • Export of keys to the clipboard is now possible
  • gpg4o supports the zoom slider of Outlook in its own email preview
  • Fingerprints for subkeys will also be shown now + Optimized performance and stability
  • Optimized handling of unusable keys when sending emails
  • Bugfixes when using “Send from”
  • Fixed minor problems with handling of keys
  • [Administrators] Setup completely rebuilt