Prism and Tempora – Promotion for german IT-Security Solutions

There have been warnings enough. The legal ground has been settled years ago by the Patriot Act in the US. Based on this it was legal to spy on almost everybody with the help of huge databases containing data from all over the world. All the warning people have not been heard in those days as terror defense was the highest aim and seemed (and seems) to allow almost everything.

Even the ‘Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz’ did not admit officially that there may be any spying by our friends from overseas. Even today the claim to be surprised. Despite this people working in the IT-Security business always seemed to know (or at least assume) that there might be something like Prism and / or Tempora.

Awareness-Campaigns for the so called german “Mittelstand” did not help much to bring companies to undertake much effort in the defense of cyber-attacks. Okay – not every Burger-booth needs highly sophisticated IT-Security strategies, but investments in new machines and products have been more en vogue for us.

In the hope that one or the other leading manager becomes more aware of the issues of cyber-security for his own advantage, I am happy with the all the marketing for our security-solutions, hoping for more awareness now. Therefore german IT-Security solutions like gpg4o and our Firewall SB are best trend products.

Dear friends from the US and from Britain: Thanks a lot for helping us with marketing!


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