PGP key management and secure email encryption with gpg4o – Giegerich & Partner at InfoSecurity in London

Dreieich/Frankfurt, 2nd June 2016 – With the increasing use of email encryption in a business environment, the need for administrative functions also increases. This includes above all a systematic key management, which ensures that only approved key material is used and that any compromised keys, or keys which are no longer required, are deleted. The Federal Office for Information Security calls “suitable Key Management” an important factor for “basic IT protection”.

Against this backdrop, Giegerich & Partner will present the latest 3.5 version of their gpg4o add-ins for email encryption at this year’s InfoSecurity, the largest European trade fair for IT security (7th – 9th June 2016, London, Olympia Exhibition Centre, Stand E45,

gpg4o is an easy-to-use add-in that can be seamlessly integrated into the user interface of Microsoft Outlook. The cryptography and signature software used to encrypt and decrypt is then automatically attached to an email and is compatible with all common OpenPGP encryption programmes. The current gpg4o Version 3.5 supports Windows 10 and Office 2016 and offers many features for administrators, which further improve and simplify integration into the corporate environment.
Key Management for more security and ease of administration

A systematic key management brings advantages for users, administrators and IT security overall: It relieves the user of the error-prone processes with the key material and therefore reduces security risks. At the same time it allows IT administrators to have an overview and, using appropriate software functions, it allows them to centrally manage the key material with as few touchpoints as possible.

In addition to the administration of Group Policy using the Microsoft Policy Manager – gpg4o offers administrators the ability to auto-import-keyserver set centrally for all users and therefore the ability to decide which public key will be made available to the users. This provides for a simple and centrally controlled use of the encryption solution and with it a high level of acceptance in the company.
Full control with the Enterprise KeyServer

The Giegerich & Partner Enterprise KeyServer is the ideal complement to email encryption with OpenPGP-based email clients such as gpg4o, and can be seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft environment. Public keyservers so far have only allowed for the provision of keys, offered no possibilities for control and often overwhelm the user in the proper handling of keys due to the detailed knowledge needed.

With the help of the Enterprise KeyServer, administrators can provide approved and updated key material and, if necessary, also delete it. This is done conveniently via a web user interface. The users themselves don’t have to worry about anything to do with the keys. The Enterprise KeyServer is also suitable for users of other OpenPGP-based email encryption products, such as Symantec Encryption, Enigmail or GPGTools. This makes email encryption for users and companies a good deal easier and safer.

You can find further information about the Enterprise KeyServer at:


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