New Security Level: Mail encryption addin gpg4o now supports GnuPG 2.2

Dreieich/Frankfurt am Main, 14. September 2017 – Just a few weeks after the release of GnuPG version 2.2  – the reference OpenPGP implementation – the encyption solution specialist Giegerich & Partner has published a new version of their Outlook add-in gpg4o.

Gpg4o 5.2 is the first available encryption solution supporting the newest stable version of GnuPG within Microsoft Outlook. The most interesting feature is the availability of encryption using elliptic curve algorithms.

Users of gpg4o with a running maintenance subscription and activated updates will receive the new version within the next days automatically.

New users can download the new versions from

Non commercial users running gpg4o® Free will also benefit from the new version.