gpg4o 5.2 Beta ist now available – and supports GnuPG 2.2!


Dear gpg4o users,

recently the GnuPG team released the next stable version 2.2 of GnuPG.

We got to work and are ready to support this new version of GnuPG.

This version is now available as gpg4o 5.2 Beta.

Most important features

  • gpg4o supports GnuPG 2.2
  • Optimized content and structure of the manuals – for you having an easier start
  • Optimized performance in gpg4o’s account settings
  • Several other minor bug fixes

This beta is deployed to all users of gpg4o automatically, if you have activated the option to receive beta versions in your gpg4o settings.

Alternatively, you can download and install the new gpg4o 5.2 Betaversion manually

We appreciate your feedback

Your gpg4o-team @ Giegerich & Partner



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