gpg4o 3.3 Beta1 for selected customers

Our scheduled integration of gpg4o in companies and enterprise networks continues. Just as an “easter egg” we released a limited beta for choosen enterprise customers. This happens within the planned timeline and we are sure to release gpg4o 3.3 this spring as promised. gpg4o 3.3 will provide better integration with enterprise networks and meet administrative needs without leaving our lots of private customers behind.

Besides general enhancements and improvements in

  • Better support of GnuPG 2.x
  • Improved useability
  • New documentation format and helpcenter

we have been focused on the wishlist of administrators in companies for better integration. Group policies will be enabled with the new version to allow for detailed control of gpg4o clients. Administrators will be able to decide which functions shall be used by employees. More detailled information can be found in the roadmap of gpg4o 3.3

gpg4o is still based on OpenPGP (GnuPG, GPG) and supports both Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013 on all Microsoft desktop operating systems from Windows XP (!) to Windows 8.1.

If you like, you are invited to join our beta program to be one of the first customers to experience the new functions and enhancements. Just use the link to our contact form below.



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