gpg4o 3.2 Beta available

gpg4o 3.2 Public Beta available

Intensive tests, some internal Betas and full of new functions thanks to the feedback of our customers: Here we go with gpg4o 3.2 Beta. We are proud to say that the new version is again a lift up in functionality and useability. Special effort has been made to enhance security again. A lot of feedback lead to improvements in performance and handling. As a highlight, we refurbished the key management completely for better overview and useability. As usual, compatibility issues with other OpenPGP implementation played a big role in development of the gpg4o engine. We like your feedback!

You are welcome to try out our brand new gpg4o 3.2 within your license or as a 45 day trial. Just download here:

gpg4o Beta 3.2

New functions and improvements:

  • Store emails decrypted for an easy cooperation with CRM or mail archiving systems. (Not available for home & student version, please keep in mind, that security might be decreased.)
  • Only encrypt attachments. Lots of customers desired this feature.

Key management refurbished:

  • Important key information at one glance (trust status, key expiration date, activation status)
  • Different keytypes are marked differently
  • Search function and key filter help to gain overview in large keyrings.
  • Keys may be imported or exported via drag ‘n drop.
  • You may set an expiration date for your keypair on creation.

Enhance GnuPG support:

  • GnuPG keygroups are now supported for encryption.
  • Use a alternative homedirectory for GnuPG to enable mutiple use with different applications (e.g. Datev).

Other improvements:

  • GnuPG – Aufrufe minimized for better performance
  • Handling of PGP/MIME Mails improved
  • gpg4o Selfcheck warns if configuration has been altered
  • GnuPG may be terminated with Outlook for enhanced security
  • Optimizations implemented when using gpg4o with multiple mailaccounts
  • As usual: Lots of unnamed improvements and bugfixes.

Want to know more about gpg4o – look here


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