Google “learns” OpenPGP – End-To-End in Chrome experimental

The world of OpenPGP has a new implementation. Google’ End-To-End for Chrome is still alpha (July 2014) but you can see with a little effort that it works, works with other OpenPGP implementation like gpg4o if you take some hints while implementing it. Its not for the normal user but with a little technical understanding and a compiler you can get it to work. Google show that they may have understood that secure communication is a must nowadays and that End-To-End encryption is how to do it.

Of course have we been curious about the new implemention and whether it works with gpg4o. So we did compile the alpha release and brought it to run. Yes – it works! Google’s End-To-End communicates with gpg4o. Due to early stage of the plugin there still are some restrictions.

If you wanna follow our work, please read the  HowTo of Google’s End-To-End.


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