Web of Trust

Security And Online Communication

Security And The Internet
Online communications has become a central theme for those who wish to send information over the internet. Data can be stolen or hacked and can be used for illegal purposes. Victims of cyber crimes can feel the repercussions for years. Security systems are created in order to ensure that information is protected on the internet. There are several methods that are used to encrypt data that is sent over the World Wide Web.

What Can Be Done To Be Safe?
Mathematical formulas are used to build an encryption pattern or an algorithm that is comprised of several computational sequences. These sequences create a signature that is used between the sender and the receiver of the information. This key is shared between both groups or individuals to decode and encode the data that will be sent over the internet. This type of security is used with email accounts and other important information that is sent online over the internet.

The Internet And PGP
A familiar method that is used to encode email messages is OpenPGP. OpenPGP uses several types of mathematical algorithms that are used to create a public and private key. The keys are used by the sender and the receiver. The public encoding is used to encrypt and send the message to the recipient, while the private coding is used to decrypt the data so that it can be read.

Web Of Trust
Many of the public keys that are issued to people have an added security measure that is incorporated into their protective signature. This extra protection is used to stop hackers from altering the algorithm in order to decode private messages. Another type of protection is called “A Web Of Trust.” A Web Of Trust is used to identify and link a group or individual to a specific public key. This creates an atmosphere of trust between the sender and the receiver of the information. A third party is used to validate the identity of the individual or group that is sending and receiving the data.

The Encryption Of The Conclusion
To remain secure when sending information, it is best to encrypt the data. Encryption can save time and money when it comes to hackers stealing private and important information. It can protect people from becoming victims in a world where online protection must take priority if specific information is to remain private.