In these contemporary times, technological advancements ensure that the way we communicate is constantly changing. While traditional email made our ability to communicate with one another simpler by ensuring that messages could be delivered and received almost instantaneously, the arrival of Enigmail has brought new changes to the way we exchange information with each other.

Basic Information

Enigmail is a new form of email that functions as an add-on to the mail client of SeaMonkey and Mozilla Thunderbird. It allows users to access various features provided by GnuPG and gives them the ability to receive and send encrypted messages. This updated form of communication also allows users to send and receive digitally signed messages. This is done by making use of the OpenPGP standard. For those making use of S/MIME to sign and encrypt messages, the product is not needed. Instead, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird offer the necessary support without an extension.

Although the product is important as a result of numerous features that come with it, the mail encryption aspect may be its biggest benefit. Because the product allows individuals to send and receive encoded messages, hackers and other eavesdroppers will not be able to read the messages. Only authorized parties will be able to do so.

Operating Systems

The product makes use of Unix-like, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS operating systems. GNU Privacy Guard handles the cryptographic functionality.


The product was originally released by Ramlingam Saravanan in 2001. Since 2003, Patrick Brunschwig has maintained it.


The product is an open-source, free software.


In order to access the crypto-features offered by the product, the program must be installed with GnuPG. Some recommend using the GnuPG version 2.x because it offers gpg-agent. The minimum version requirements are 1.4.9 or 2.0.9. If the operating system you use does not already offer GnuPG, you can download it for Windows and other systems.

Main Features

The product comes with a wide variety of features, each of which can help facilitate the process of sending and/or receiving mail. Some of the main features include:

• The ability to sign/encrypt the mail being sent
• The ability to decrypt/authenticate the mail being received
• Support for PGP/MIME (RFC 3156) and inline-PGP (RFC 4880)
• Access to Per-Account based signing defaults
• Access to Per-Recipient rules for automated key selection
• Access to Enabling/Disabling signing
• Access to an OpenPGP Key Management Interface


The product is a cost-free and beneficial product that will be helpful for individuals attempting to make use of email encryption services.