Email Encryption

Email And Private Information
When it comes to privacy, the task of keeping information private can be a huge challenge. The internet has become an important tool that can send large amounts of data to people across the world. The World Wide Web has given many organizations and institutions the ability to have reliable and quick communications. Security protocols have been put into place to keep private email messages from falling into the wrong hands of cyber criminals.

Email Encryption
The primary method for most security systems when encrypting data is to use a dual key format. The public key is used to encode the message, and the private key is used to decrypt the message. The key that is used to encode the message is a mathematical algorithm that creates a numerical sequence that is used to secure private information.

Online Security Methods
There are various types of mathematical algorithms that are used to encrypt messages that are sent over the internet. These formulas create a key that is used to encode the message. OpenPGP and GnuPG are two methods that use specific mathematical codes to secure the information in a message. Each method is used for its specific way of encoding the information. With increased intrusions, it is wise to have a secure system when encrypting messages that are sent and received online.

Security Using OpenPGP
OpenPGP is a type of cryptology that uses several different types of encoding methods that include hashing, data compression, symmetric-key cryptography and a public key. These steps use a specific mathematical sequence to complete the encoding process. The public key is set with a certain user name and specific address.

GnuPGP Online Protection
GnuPGP uses a different method to encrypt the information that is sent over the internet. The coding that is used for GnuPGP is a asymmetric pair of keys that are generated for the user. The encryption keys can be sent through many different ways across the internet. The pairs must be sent carefully to avoid hacking. There are also various amounts of extra security such as a digital signature that can be added for protection.

Online Security Conclusion
Many methods of online security are setup or are available for those who need to protect their data that is being sent over the web. Online security can assure that hackers will not be able to benefit from their illegal activities.