Active Sync

What is Active Sync?

Microsoft Active Sync is a program that is very useful for many Windows users. Specifically, there are two different software packages that go by the name “Active Sync.” One is used to copy information from a computer to a smaller device, while the other, which is dubbed “Exchange Active Sync,” allows users to access their email by using a data connection.

Microsoft Active Sync dates back to the days when Windows computers ran on operating systems Windows 95 up to Windows XP. It was relied on by many users as the best means to sync data between their computer and a hand held device, such as a cell phone. Exchange Active Sync, meanwhile, was part of the Exchange system since 2003 and was previously part of Mobile Information Server.

How Does it Work?

There are various versions of Microsoft Active Sync that allow for synchronisation of various devices. It was key for adding data to Microsoft’s earliest smartphones that ran on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 with items stored on a computer. In addition, it did much the same for syncing Palm and Symbian run cell phones and devices as well as for synchronisation of Outlook email and the calendar feature found within it. In general, it depends on the compatibility of the devices. Active Sync can be used for backing up any of the devices with which it is compatible, as long as there is a physical connection via USB cable from the device to the computer utilising it.

Purpose of Active Sync

The main purpose of Exchange Active Sync is to push out new emails in a push messaging manner from the Exchange Server. In addition to email, contacts and other information from the calendar are also transmitted from the Internet to programs and hand held devices that support the software. Generally speaking, this frees the individual from having the need to pull this information on their own as everything is automatically pushed by the server. There is no need for a physical connection to a computer via USB for this activity as all that is required is an Internet connection that can be either one’s cellular data or Wi-Fi access.