The secure mailing with Outlook

The GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) is an open-source alternative to the popular PGP email encryption program and is designed as an OpenPGP implementation. Both use privat/public key encryption, which means that emails can only be read when decoded with a private key  used in conjunction with an appropriate passphrase. GPG as Implementation of the OpenPGP standard has been designed to work in partnership with PGP rather than in opposition, which has the advantage of giving businesses more flexibility when it comes to supporting various types of email account.

Simple Email Security with gpg4o

Unlike other encryption programs, gpg4o allows users to navigate the program through a graphic user interface (GUI) rather through strings of code command line prompts. This makes using it an intuitive as well as user-friendly experience, which is enhanced by the softwares compatibility with operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8 as well as XP and Vista. It will also work with local installations of Office 365 and is ideal for email accounts used with Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013.

Why Business Needs gpg4o

Data theft is one of a businesses primary security concerns. With most businesses passing sensitive information through cyberspace at a minutely rather than hourly or daily rate, the risks of interception and intrusion are high. The majority of actual breaches are external attacks, and among the most successful of attack techniques is simple phishing. This means that far too many businesses are exposed to security breaches through the innocent dissemination of secure information to what appears to be a legitimate recipient. Encrypting your internal as well as external communications is really the only way to stay safe.

The Advantages

  • Its highly user-friendly GUI bypasses the jumble of code and commands often required by encryption programs, and thus:

  • It requires no technical knowledge to use, and thus no additional staff training

  • It’s interoperable with other OpenPGP programs, such as Enigmail, Kmail and PGP Desktop

  • It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook

  • It can be used to attach digital signatures that gaurantee the origins of the message, ensuring authenticity

  • Used it effectively it can eliminate the risk of staff error in disclosing confidential information and ensure sensitive and valuable data remains confidential in transit


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