The Important Role of Email Encryption

19.02.2014 | Uncategorized

In the light of recent revelations over internet privacy, online security has become a growing concern. It is an issue which is no longer the sole concern of IT and security specialists, but one affects everybody: from the individual to the largest of businesses. Few would welcome the thought of another person accessing our private correspondences, but when we learn that unencrypted corporate emails are just as easily compromised, the effects can be very real, and potentially disastrous for any company operating within a competitive market.

Until the major security breaches were revealed in the news, many simply assumed that online communications were naturally secure: that messages travelled directly from sender to recipient. But this is not the case: each correspondence is only as secure as the software which is used to send the message, and the physical computers and servers which are used to deliver it. Just as packing a parcel securely for delivery through the postal service is second nature, so too should encrypted, secure e-mail become an reflex choice for internet users in the future.

Encryption: The Technology Behind the Tools

The first concern that many users will have over adopting an email-encryption system is that it may be difficult to install, and hard to implement on a daily basis. And whilst it is true that top level web security was once the preserve of software and security specialists only, there are many products available today which offer powerful encryption with no expertise required. Of these, gpg4o by Giegerich & Partner is one of the most secure and user-friendly.

The gpg4o system employs Openpgp technology to guarantee transparency. PGP stands for “pretty good privacy”, an open source encryption tool which makes its source code freely available. This means that it is impossible to create back doors and deliberate loopholes into the system.

gpg4o merges seamlessly with the most popular email delivery systems, meaning that users who rely on Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 for their daily communications will have no problem implementing its security settings.

Multiple Layers of Security

Gpg4o provides its clients with the tools necessary to secure their online data against spyware and surveillance systems. This is increasingly crucial in the business world, where systematic collection of personal data by large agencies can mean a loss of competitiveness and earnings. The gpg4o software provides security on two levels: it supplies users with their own private key that will encrypt their emails, and attaches a unique personal signature, so that the recipient is assured they are receiving mail from correct person.

Without encryption software, all data stored or sent online is susceptible to theft or surveillance. Whilst this may be a source of embarrassment for an individual, for a business it can be fatal. Email without encryption is taking a gamble with every message sent. The Openpgp system provides an easy to use solution that integrates with existing mail services and will quickly become second nature to use.


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