The Importance of Secure Internet Traffic for Companies

14.04.2014 | General

The Internet is littered with digital landmines. All it takes is for one employee to visit an infected website or to receive a tainted email in Outlook for it to infect their workstation before it proceeds to infect the rest of a business’s IT infrastructure.

Once your devices have been infected, this allows the real hacking to begin. Hackers can steal passwords, credit information, financial records and more. This damage can be so extensive that businesses may be left recovering from it years down the road.

The only way to prevent hacking is to proactively take steps against it. CleanNet represents a bundle of those steps with the purpose to make secure Internet traffic for companies.

Safeguarding Multiple Channels Against Hackers

CleanNet’s purpose is to allow businesses to work on the core goals of their business without having to worry about security risks. It accomplishes this by acting as a virus scanner, spam blocker and spyware cleaner.

This allows it to cover the channels that hackers tend to use to infiltrate business networks to steal information, commit corporate sabotage and other malicious acts that can add considerable expenses that can impact the core operations of businesses.

Multiple Layers of Security

Businesses need to interact with the Internet for communication, marketing and other business-oriented tasks. The downside of this is that it can leave them exposed to any of the many malicious threats that exist on the Internet, many of which may go undetected by even the most sophisticated virus scanner.

The best way to take care of phishing, viruses and other malicious software before it has a chance to compromise secure passwords on a computer is to stop it before it reaches Outlook, Internet browser or even the computer at all. CleanNet works to block threats to businesses before they reach the network, which can greatly increase security when coupled with email encryption software.

A Fail-Safe Option for Business Security

CleanNet acts as the first line of defense in Internet and email security for businesses while still allowing employee training to act as the final line of security. It provides comprehensive coverage that aims to make businesses immune from the wide variety of malicious programs waiting out in cyberspace without hindering day-to-day operations.

It further protects businesses from malware by allowing for rapid deployment capabilities, which in turn makes it easier to maintain. Couple this with the low cost to see why CleanNet can provide an astonishing amount of potent digital security for a cost that is but a fraction of the price that cyber criminals would cost any unprotected business.

There is more you can do

Email encryption adds to your defense by disabling attackers to read your electronice correspondence. For Microsoft Outlook, our addin named gpg4o is well known for its useability. Administrators love the availability of integration in enterprise environments which add to the use in companies.


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