The Importance of Secure Email Dispatch for Companies and Individuals

11.04.2014 | General

Emails sent in plain, unencrypted format represents a large security risk for businesses, organizations and individuals. They can be intercepted by almost anyone when the right hub or router is monitored, which makes unprotected emails one of the easiest ways for spies to steal corporate secrets and personal information. From what we finally know from Edward Snowden: There are people and organizations out there who will.

One of the safest solutions that can be used to secure emails against this kind of spying is to use an email encryption protocol like OpenPGP, which is still the the most popular protocols available for email security with 60% of the worldwide traffic sent in this format. gpg4o enables Microsoft Outlook 2010 as well as Microsoft Outlook 2013 users to quickly and easily encrypt their emails in this secure way.

The Problem With Unprotected Emails

There are a number of reasons why sending unprotected emails is a bad idea. It possibly leaves personal information out in the open, allows cyber criminals to easily intercept terms and allows for people like those in the NSA or other secret services to spy upon unsuspecting people.

Each of these situations represent a potential case where the wrong person spying on a person’s communications can lead to dangerous and potentially incriminating data.

Encryption prevents these emails from being read by assigning a key that only the recipient should know. It could take anyone trying to intercept these emails months or years to decrypt it, which means that information will likely be worthless to the interested party by the time they finally figure out what it says. Needless to say: A good passphrase for the private key adds to the security as well.

Email Security From Prying Eyes

No matter the size of the business or if it’s just a communication from one individual to the next, the best way to quickly and effortlessly ensure that emails can’t be read is to encrypt every email sent using the OpenPGP protocol for mail encryption.

For small businesses, medium businesses and individuals, gpg4o represents one of the sleekest solutions available in terms of mail encryption adding both security and useabiltiy of encryption to your Outlook.

Why is gpg4o a Smart Solution?

gpg4o from Giegerich und Partner represents one of the best solutions for encryption using OpenPGP due to its powerful and seamless nature. It appeals to every type of user, while being set up in such a way that allows users to maximize their email security.

Because it is a plugin for Outlook, it doesn’t suffer from the problem of being made for technical users whom are willing to open a separate application to encrypt and decrypt their emails on an email-by-email basis.

By allowing each email created in Outlook to be automatically encrypted using keys that can be stored locally upon a user’s computer, it ensures that every email can be encrypted with ease. This is also the truth for the decryption of received emails. By the way: Mails encrypted or decrypted with gpg4o remain encrypted in the users mailbox when they are not read actually.

When every email sent is encrypted, this makes it harder for prying eyes to deduce which emails have important information contained within them.


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