Security measures in the Internet

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Data is one of the most valuable assets of individuals and organizations. Many parts of our lives involve disclosing personal information about us in banks, Internet service providers, retail stores and other businesses. Organizations need to safeguard client information as well as information about their business. Data security is important not just for businesses, but also for the people the data represents. Fortunately, data security measures are developing and have expanded into various sectors of business. There are many ways you can keep your data safe while using the Internet.

Data Classification

This involves classifying data according to sensitivity and enforcing strict data access procedures. You can classify your data into three categories: public, private and restricted. Public data poses little risk; private data, moderate risk and restricted data, significant risk.

Network Protection

Use, firewalls, access control lists, antivirus, and antispyware programs to prevent unauthorized access to business computer networks. An antivirus prevents viruses from accessing or destroying company data. Spyware are malicious applications that steal user data. Protect your company network by ensuring each person has a unique user ID. In addition, access to the network should be based on user profiles or need. Certain company information should only be accessed by top management and IT personnel. Undertake regular reviews of user profiles to ensure they remain valid.

Multi-Factor Authentication

This is a data security measure that requires people accessing a network to provide more than one form of identification before they can access the network. Common factors include something users know such as a password or PIN; something users have, such as smart cards and digital certificates and something that users are, such as retinal or thumbprint scan. This is one of the most effective data protection measure.


Data transmitted over a network connection including emails should be encrypted. Gpg4o based on OpenPGP (GnuPG, GPG) is an email encryption application popular with many small and medium enterprises. You also need to encrypt data stored on removable and mobile devices connected to the network. Encryption keys to select are determined by data sensitivity. However, 256-bit keys for symmetric key encryption and 2048-bit for asymmetric key encryption is recommended as minimum. Ensure your business is using the required level of encryption for clients’ data. In addition, undertake periodic modification of encryption keys.


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