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17.03.2014 | Uncategorized

Businesses need to take special care when using the Internet to send emails, collect customer information and connect with potential clients. The BBC reported that credit card information from almost half of all South Koreans was stolen in January 2014. Target stores across the US reported 40 million credit cards stolen in 2013. The unfortunate part of all of this is that these incidents could have been prevented with better controls and business policies that prevent a lackadaisical approach to handling financial information both in person and online. The good news is that a business can take several steps to secure customer data and reduce the possibility of fraud.

Malware Infecting Your Computers

Malware, spyware, viruses and trojans are all pieces of software that get installed on your computer in one way or another. Prevent your computers from getting infected by using encrypted DNS servers and securing your mail using CleanNet, a program created by Giegerich and Partner at CleanNet scans your email and protects your company computers on the Internet. If a threat is detected, the program acts to prevent that threat from compromising business computers. While antivirus programs can often remove threats once they are detected, it’s best to prevent computers from getting infected in the first place.

Email Security and Security Protocols

Protect important business email by taking additional safeguards to protect sensitive data. IT-security should concentrate on methods that can increase and harden your network against hackers and scammers. Secure passwords that consist of a combination of numbers, symbols, non-dictionary words and a combination of lower-case and upper-case letters can provide a basic level of protection. Incorporating mail encryption to authenticate emails between the customer and corporate server can prevent phishing attacks and redirects aimed at stealing customer information. Alerting customers to proper security protocols and informing new and existing customers that confidential information should never be submitted through email can greatly increase security. SPAM filtering programs can also weed out emails that a virus scanner might miss and ensure that spyware never has a chance to find it’s way into the company network.



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