Protect Your Company Against Cyber-Attacks

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In recent years, attacks from cybercriminals have been on the rise. This type of theft has shifted from the individual to mass seizures of information from businesses compromising the information of customers and undermines the integrity of companies.

Headlines chronicle hacker-attacks as clever groups that target corporate giants that seemed untouchable from such things. This would lead many companies to think that they are without protection. This is not the case as there are many things a company can do to ensure email security, protection of their assets, and provide privacy to their customers.

Secure Communication

Those in touch with technology know about open source solutions to privacy concerns such as OpenPGP which is available on PCs and mobile devices including all major platforms. And while this is a good option for those in need of email encryption, nothing beats the additional use of good passwords. Going to the sites frequented by your company and employees, email clients, and software, and using clever passwords that avoids the use of personal information or hints that are easy to discern with details from your business are often thought of as best for your company’s security.

Tips for crafting secure passwords is providing employees with individual usernames and passwords, limiting the amount of time an account can be idle, and never committing this information to loose paper that can be subject to theft. Once this is done, and a rhythm has been established to rotate passwords every other month, supplemental things like IP maskers and email encryption can be considered. Having a highest possible security level on all devices and the perimeter (so it still exists) is self evident.

Software Protection

Firewalls and antivirus software are often considered the gatekeepers to data security and are the first line of defense against theft from hackers. Considered a standard, most PCs are shipped with at least trial versions of these protections pre-installed. The process of detection and protection is pretty well known that any standard publisher of firewalls or antivirus protections will be competent in online security.

Educate Employees

While suggestions on protections and encryption is recommended to promote security in your business, the biggest liability and asset are the employees. Disgruntled employees who have access to company information and customer’s billing records can be just as dangerous as any hacker reaching in to hard drives and servers from the comfort of their homes. Similarly there are threats from employees who do not want to directly infiltrate systems, but make them vulnerable by illegal downloads and accessing sites where hackers lurk behind advertisements and misleading messages. So educating your employees is a very good additional prevention package.

Knowing which of your employees are threats to you company’s system and making it clear what company PCs can and cannot be used for is the main deterrent against cyber-attacks from outside sources.


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