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30.07.2014 | General

In spite of the rise of various social media channels, email remains a popular choice for online communications: About 144.8 billion emails are exchanged every single day. Email is an efficient way to collaborate online as shown by the extent that it is used in the workplace. Workers spend an of average 153 minutes daily on email according to a 2014 white paper prepared by Osterman Research.

Importance of Email Security

In the business setting, email is integral to the chain of communications. It is easy to use even for those with limited technical skills. It does not require system integration (but allows to). Users can send and access email messages regardless of the platform used.

However, the ease of the concept (SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is also email’s greatest vulnerability. The latest studies conducted by Osterman Research found that 64 percent of respondent companies have been hit with a malware traced to an email while 22 percent faced a leak of confidential information, either unintentionally or maliciously, by email.

To protect confidential information, consider end-to-end encryption systems that work seamlessly on email clients such as Outlook 2013.

Options for Email Encryption

OpenPGP is a protocol that provides the framework for message encryption, security signatures, private keys and standards for exchanging public keys. It is free to use and many encryption apps are based on OpenPGP.
GnuPG is a free implementation based on OpenPGP that can encrypt emails for communication with other implementations or apps including Gmail, Outlook 2010 and higher and other email services. It is not a seamless integration, but subscription-based encryption services deploy GnuPG bundled with premium services for maximum security and confidentiality.

CounterMail is a fee-based service that used OpenPGP with enhancements such as a USB key and IP address masking. NeoMailbox is similar to CounterMail’s encryption app, but the latter integrates better with various email services. By the way, GnuPG also allows to encrypt data and disks. There is a decent amount of implementations for this as well.

The gpg4o Option

When electronic communication involves highly sensitive information, it pays to keep email encryption on all the time and to encrypt at the endpoint of communication. With gpg4o integrated into Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013, email messages and all attachments will be transmitted as encrypted files based on one of the most reliable cryptographic systems.

Email encryption with gpg4o from Giegerich und Partner will secure email transmissions end-to-end (if communication partners have endpoint encryption as well) so that only those who need to know will have the information they need.


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