Privacy In The Age Of The NSA

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Information security is increasingly discussed in modern society. Lawyers’ offices have particularly pressing needs for greater security. Over the course of the past year, people around the globe have learned much about the massive spying efforts of the National Security Agency (NSA), a U.S government agency that has engaged in unprecedented surveillance.

Revelations about the extent of NSA spying have certainly embarrassed the United States. At the same time, the U.S government has done little to reassure the world that the NSA is mending its ways. In light of these and other security concerns, responsible attorneys must step up their efforts to protect private communications.

Lawyers who insist on absolute communication safty use encryption. OpenPGP is an outstanding type of encryption that law offices can use with confidence. Although other forms of encryption are available, OpenPGP is the best way to ensure that every message is secure and private.

How Encryption Software Can Help

Offered by Giegerich und Partner, gpg4o is one of the most practical and efficient applications for utilizing OpenPGP communications. When one sends a private legal message with this program, only a recipient with the right private key can read the communication. A private key is a kind of autograph or individualized signature that is virtually impossible to forge. In fact, documented cases have revealed that the U.S government is apparently unable to crack PGP communications.

Whether sending a courtroom strategy note or a legal datasheet, it is always important to secure legal information from prying eyes. This is particularly true in high-profile cases. Besides the NSA and other government agencies, plenty of private parties can engage in spying, legally or not.

The Campaign For Privacy

Law offices are ideal places to perpetuate the ongoing global krypto campaign. This campaign is a broad-based effort to restore privacy and accountability to the sphere of digital communications. With “gpg4o”, Giegerich und Partner has demonstrated an admirable commitment to accountability and secure communications. This is an outstanding time for people to stand up against the excesses of the NSA and other bodies that seek to undermine the privacy of attorneys and their clients.


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