Internet security for companies

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Internet security is a concern both for individuals and businesses trying to protect their data. Businesses have the added requirement to comply with privacy legislation. So it is vital that the threats are understood and measures implemented to ensure that data is kept confidential and systems are protected.

Threats to Internet and Email Security

Threats to IT-security can arrive in various forms. Any time an inadequately protected computer connects to a network, information can be accessed and malicious software is able to infect the system.
Like viruses which infect biological systems, computer viruses replicate themselves. They proliferate themselves by inserting copies into various programs and files, from where they can access or modify confidential data, spam the user’s contacts, log keystrokes and interfere in other ways. Toolkits allow even less skilled programmes to vary those malicious little programs.

Spyware is used mostly to track users’ movements and to gather information about an individual or business. As its name suggests, it can be difficult to detect. Trojans are a type of spyware but with additional functionality such as access to cameras, the desktop or else.

Spam is typically sent through email, but can also be sent though other media, such as instant messengers, search engines and social networks. Spam accounts for the majority of email messages and is often sent via servers taken over by hackers. It can slow processing speed and hamper productivity, so can be a serious issue. Spam very often contains malware or at least has embedded links to malicous code on hijacked webserver. Operating with emails signed with OpenPGP (GnuPG, GPG) plus the added security of mail encryption help to filter out spam.

Cleaning Programs for Internet and Emails

Cleaning programs such as CleanNet from protect computers against malware and speed up processing time, making systems safer and more efficient. CleanNet protects email systems against computer viruses, spyware and spam. These threats are filtered out with active filters and virus scanner tools before they hit the user’s computer, so malware is unable to infect the system through either emails or web browsing.


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