Email Security in Companies

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With more and more vital business functions being carried out over the internet, protecting corporate information is more vital than ever. Unfortunately, many companies pay less attention to IT-security than they do to physical security, even though the risks of hacking are as great as — if not greater than — the risks of theft.

Email Security Basics

As long as email messages contain vital information ranging from passwords to bank account numbers and confidential product information, that email will need to be encrypted. The most trusted form of email encryption is PGP. Although PGP stands for “pretty good privacy,” the security provided by PGP is actually superb, making it the industry standard.

Every PGP user has a pair of encryption keys, one public and one private. The public key tells potential senders how to create an encrypted message which can only be decrypted using the receiver’s private key. To speed the process, each PGP message is further encryped with a single-use key. Once the recipient receives the message and one-time key, he or she decrypts the key, which in turn is used to decrypt the entire message.

This form of email security allows its users to send and receive email which can’t be intercepted by any third party. However, not all implementations of PGP are exactly the same. Some are more accessible to new users than others.

Applying Email Security Company-wide

In order for a company’s email security to work well, all employees must be equally able to use it. Sensitive information isn’t limited only to the IT team. For many employees, however, using proper mail encryption can be confusing, especially when trying to get PGP to interact with an email client such as Microsoft Outlook.

This is where dedicated security programs like gpg4o by Giegerich & Partner come in. By integrating with the user’s Outlook client, gpg4o allows securely encrypted email to be sent using all the features users are accustomed to. Privacy is guaranteed, while employees will find the familiar interface easy to use.


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