E-mail encryption and archiving in companies

17.01.2014 | Allgemein


The data breach statistics for 2013 uncover some unsettling trends. Research by IBM reveals that incidents of the loss and theft of sensitive data have increased by 38 per cent since last year, with 75 per cent of businesses reporting a serious impact on brand reputation and customer satisfaction. The attack and exploitation of business IT infrastructure is almost epidemic, with some businesses being attacked as many as 2 million times a week. What makes the scenario so much worse is that most of these attacks are not detected for months.

The Case for PGP Encryption Pretty Good Privacy (PGP or OpenPGP, GPG) is one of the most trusted and popular encryption tools. Created by a special director at Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, PGP works by encrypting emails and files using a ‘public key’ system. Data is encoded using a public key, and decoded using a private, individual key allocated to each employee or user. PGP is also used to send digital autographs, composed of user names and account data, which are mathematical summaries (called a ‘hash’) encrypted and decrypted only with the senders private key, ensuring that the receiver can guarantee the origin of a message. Why It’s Probably Not an Inside Job The majority of attacks originate outside of a business, and, contrary to popular belief, many of them rely on low-tech phishing tactics. Where you’re employees find themselves facilitating an attack, it’s most likely due to them unwittingly handing over sensitive information after a phone call, email or social network request that seems legitimate. The benefits of private encryption keys in this case are rather obvious, but the scenario raises the question of how we protect data when it’s not in transit. Archiving vital details using PGP software like gpg4o means that it’s robust security measures will prompt would-be thieves, who are predominantly opportunists, to pick an easier target (and there are lots of those).

The Key Benefits of OpenPGP or gpg4o gpg4o based on OpenPGP software (GnuPG) is a graphic user interface, which is really a simple point-and-click system that requires minimal training. It’s key benefits include:

  • Compatibility  Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010

  • Allows you to share information, such as datasheets, personal data etc., securely

  • Identity verification prevents phishing

  • Protection against both virus and email attacks

  • Users are able to determine who authorized a file, where and when


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