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16.03.2015 | Blog

Spam, hacking, viruses and other malicious activity all make it difficult for businesses to operate efficiently and profitably. Time that employees have to spend deleting spam and recovering from viruses could be spent on fostering organizational excellence. Some companies choose to install a variety of spam blockers and desktop programs for dealing with unwanted content. An alternative to consider, however, is subscribing to a service that filters malicious content before it arrives at the company network.

Common Threats

Before making a decision about information security strategies, it is important to assess the digital threats against the business. Viruses, for instance, are a costly and persistent concern for most organizations today. Computer users are susceptible to them via downloading from the Internet and from email attachments. Once a computer has become infected, it takes time, labor and money to correct the problem. Companies must also beware of the potential for the virus to spread to other company computers.

Users can also inadvertently download spyware and many varieties of malware through their email and Internet activities. Spam, of course, presents another significant challenge to email security and the health of a company network. All of these threats pose a danger to the organization’s data and financial health. Solutions for protecting a business must address all of these threats.

Convenient Administration

A product called CleanNet, provided by Giegerich & Partner, is a great example of a service that protects organizations by filtering malicious content and only permitting acceptable content to reach company networks. With a service such as CleanNet, businesses do not have to be concerned about handling the administrative duties of data security. Everything is managed through the optimized servers that filter content. After a brief deployment procedure, the service takes over the job of protecting the company’s data integrity. Employees conduct their work as usual, leaving the CleanNet service to perform as a virus scanner and a filter for unwanted content.

The Final Decision

Whatever the final choice in IT protection, it is important to be certain that the provider uses the latest and most sophisticated technology. Heuristic methodology should be used, and the spam filtering should include OCR technology for scanning suspicious images that might be found in malicious emails. When selecting a subscription service that filters content for a business, be sure that the provider operates high-performance servers that minimize latency and deliver content quickly.


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