Central Administration of gpg4o 3.4

gpg4o registrierte Marke

gpg4o is not just another encryption AddIn for Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2010 but a centrally manageable email encyrption solution for enterprises, based on GnuPG and the OpenPGP standard. gpg4o always do encrypt and sign mails at the endpoint. gpg4o is native endpoint encryption at its best – ease of use integrated. Regardless whether users are inside their offices or somewhere abroad with their laptop, email will be encrypted where written. In addition, the user will always follow administrative rules which may be enabled centrally.

Administrators take advantage of several possibilities and tools to customize the use of gpg4o for their companies:

  • Central rollout of gpg4o via software delivery tools. You decide who will be able to use encryption with gpg4o.
  • Selective installation within Terminalserver environments. Two ways of supplying licenses enable gpg4o to be smart of virtual desktops as well.
  • Group Policies enable administrators to decide centrally which functions of gpg4o should be available for which user.
  • Centralized management of Public Keys (separate keyserver software needed). A central source for public keys enables companies to make sure that only trustworthy keys may be used thus unburdening the user from checking keys. This powerful feature is bringing you the advantages of a centralized encryption gateway in a decentralized environment.

To support companies and their administrators, we do provide a couple of resources (both documentation and tools). More information is availabe on our support-page for administrators. Feel free to contact us if any questions remain open:



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