After Outlook update: Incorrect display of the gpg4o user interface. What you can do now.

With the latest update of Outlook 2016 (Build 10730) Microsoft changed the way windows are rendered. This causes gpg4o to display parts of it’s user interface in wrong locations of the screen. Interestingly Microsoft’s own CRM “Dynamics” faces the same issue. Please find a description about this issue and a workaround under We have […]

Now or never? Pros and cons of email encryption in companies

18.07.2017 | General

Although many companies consider encryption to be important, the technology is being used only by a fraction of them. There are some understandable obstacles, but also a series of stubbornly persistent myths about usability and feasibility. On the occasion of the update of its Outlook encryption add-in gpg4o 5.1, the solution provider Giegerich & Partner […]

gpg4o message – update to an older GnuPG version

24.03.2017 | General

Since version 3.5 gpg4o is able to point out that a newer version of GnuPG exists to provide our users security relevant updates of the encryption component. Users of gpg4o may get a message at the startup of Outlook that there is an older version of GnuPG available and asks if it should “update” to […]