Now or never? Pros and cons of email encryption in companies

18.07.2017 | General

Although many companies consider encryption to be important, the technology is being used only by a fraction of them. There are some understandable obstacles, but also a series of stubbornly persistent myths about usability and feasibility. On the occasion of the update of its Outlook encryption add-in gpg4o 5.1, the solution provider Giegerich & Partner […]

gpg4o message – update to an older GnuPG version

24.03.2017 | General

Since version 3.5 gpg4o is able to point out that a newer version of GnuPG exists to provide our users security relevant updates of the encryption component. Users of gpg4o may get a message at the startup of Outlook that there is an older version of GnuPG available and asks if it should “update” to […]

The Time Has Come: Free E-mail Encryption with “gpg4o® Free” is Now Available for Private Users

01.11.2016 | General

Dreieich/Frankfurt, Germany, 18th October – Timed with the start of the IT Security Expo in Nuremberg (it-sa) Giegerich & Partner today proudly announces the availability of its e-mail encryption add-in “gpg4o® Free” for private use at no cost whatsoever! When writing their e-mails, all private Outlook users can therefore now make the most of an […]

5 Years of gpg4o – History of a Plugin

07.10.2016 | General

Time flies! October 2016 will be the fifth anniversary of gpg4o. Looking at the changelog of gpg4o one will see, which huge amount of development has been made between then and now.  Often enough we tell the story behind our entry into the market of encryption solutions as a company specialized on Software Security by […]

gpg4o 5.0 Beta is available

Dear gpg4o customers and prospects, It’s that time again: for the fifth anniversary of gpg4o we released a new beta version. The focus of gpg4o 5.0 Beta release is the improved performance. Below is the key features at a glance: gpg4o now supports GnuPG 2.1 from version 2.1.15 Improved performance Improved options for automatic key import […]

Misleading warnings for downloads of SHA1-signed files by Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge-Browser

Since January 1st, 2016 Microsoft has introduced changes (via Windows Update) in the handling of signed executables. As one consequence of these changes downloads of older files with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge could produce misleading warnings. For files that were signed with the SHA1 algorithm but with no timestamp or a timestamp dated January […]

Microsoft revokes update for Outlook 2010

On December 8th 2015 Microsoft released an update for Outlook 2010 which causes Outlook for some users to start in safe mode only. While in safe mode Outlook will not load any Add-Ins, and therefore also no gpg4o. I want to explain you now how to fix this issue so that gpg4o will be loaded […]

Youtuber releases Video with gpg4o-Malwarelink

17.08.2015 | General

Dear Visitors, attentive people did inform us that a youtuber named Roman Sobczak released a fake video on Youtube with a potential malware link over bitly. Please take care and be aware that Giegerich & Partner never releases download-Links via URL-Shorteners. We did inform Youtube and hope that the video will be deleted soon. Addendum […]

gpg4files – Endpoint Encryption for Documents in Windows

29.04.2015 | General

Wouldn’t it be nice to encrypt documents and other data directly while saving it as a file. If you always wanted this, try gpg4files today. gpg4files allows you to decide whether to encrypt or not the file you are saving and allows you to decide who should be able to decrypt it. You do not […]

Central Administration of gpg4o 3.4

gpg4o is not just another encryption AddIn for Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2010 but a centrally manageable email encyrption solution for enterprises, based on GnuPG and the OpenPGP standard. gpg4o always do encrypt and sign mails at the endpoint. gpg4o is native endpoint encryption at its best – ease of use integrated. Regardless whether users […]