gpg4o 5.2 Beta ist now available – and supports GnuPG 2.2!

  Dear gpg4o users, recently the GnuPG team released the next stable version 2.2 of GnuPG. We got to work and are ready to support this new version of GnuPG. This version is now available as gpg4o 5.2 Beta. Most important features gpg4o supports GnuPG 2.2 Optimized content and structure of the manuals – for […]

Email Security with Encryption Systems

Many would agree that email has surpassed the telephone as the primary means of communications by business professionals across all industries. However, most email systems are not secure, and this lack of privacy for such a widely used tool has become a worldwide recognized issue. While all companies are mandated by law to protect personally […]

gpg4o 5.0 Beta is available

Dear gpg4o customers and prospects, It’s that time again: for the fifth anniversary of gpg4o we released a new beta version. The focus of gpg4o 5.0 Beta release is the improved performance. Below is the key features at a glance: gpg4o now supports GnuPG 2.1 from version 2.1.15 Improved performance Improved options for automatic key import […]