After Outlook update: Incorrect display of the gpg4o user interface. What you can do now.

With the latest update of Outlook 2016 (Build 10730) Microsoft changed the way windows are rendered. This causes gpg4o to display parts of it’s user interface in wrong locations of the screen.

Interestingly Microsoft’s own CRM “Dynamics” faces the same issue. Please find a description about this issue and a workaround under

We have verified these settings and can confirm that it also works with gpg4o.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working on a solution that does not require to change this setting.


Daniele Lupo |

I had outlook mail panel outside outlook window and below all other desktop applications. The gpg4o bar was also in random positions. This solved the issue, thanks.

Hajo Giegerich |

Hi and thanks for your information. The issue is finally solved. Please update gpg4o and everything will be fine again.

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