Adventure Internetprevention for Students- a Status Report

27.02.2014 | Blog

It always is exciting. What will happen today? Which will be the questions? Internet prevention for students seems to be an all time adventure, lecturing both for students and lecturers.

We are giving these lectures since 2011, Christian Schülke and me. We are performing our little “roadshow” together in various schools for students and trainees. Beginning 2014, we are three companions, adding Markus Wortmann to our lecturers group. Markus Wortmann is criminologist and detective chief superintendent. When he is not with us, he busily copes with the outcome of criminal behaviour in the internet. He knows a lot by his own experience about offenders and casualties of what we call the “local student cyber war”. He knows about what really happens when youth avoids to live according the rules in the global internet.

Handling such incidents is almost daily business for teachers and social workers at schools. No wonder that they appreciate some additional help from outside. The goal is to prevent students from such actions, to reduce fraudulent behaviour, cybermobbing and other criminal acts in the internet.

Fortunately, most students or trainees are highly interested in what we do have to tell and there is a lot of interaction between the audience and us and everytime we experience new aspects of the subject. It saddens us that we cant reach the parents so well. Whenever we tried to setup parent conferences with the help of the school, very less attendants appear. We had between “nobody” and up to 4o parents in those lectures, while we had around 600 to 800 students in the morning. Dont the parents have interest in what their children do? At least we can thank those who appeared for their time and interest.

At some schools we have been twice so far. It turns out that the younger ones are briefed from those who already had our presentation trying to avoid getting caught by our demonstrations. Well some do actually say: “You wont catch us!” but understand soon that we do have enough new topics and demos to catch them all. Some other things which we found so far in an audience of 200-300 students per presentation:

  • Some students always try to kick against the pricks. They get some extra attention from us 🙂
  • 10-15 attendants (teachers included) who do not use passwords at all
  • A few who know how a good password has to be composed
  • Practically nobody who knows how to basically secure a PC or smartphone
    (Ok, most know about anti virus and firewalls)
  • One or two handful of student who have lost their smartphone or got it stolen. The least of them got it back.
  • Almost nobody knows that you can encrypt personal containers on smartphones
  • A few already had interaction with police or specialiced lawyers because of copyright infringements and pretty much attendants at least know somebody who had
  • Fortunately very less who did not seem to care about our advice regarding cybermobbing
  • Practically nobody who can say that he does not have music or videos on his devices without committing copyright infringement
  • … and well – a lot more

In most audiences especially with older students we do have some actual or former “customers” of the police, whyever. At least we can hope that we prevent one or the other from becoming a police “customer” in the future.

We have to thank those who enable us to go to schools by means of organisations or by funding this job. We hope to reach as much students as possible in the future to help their lives to become a little be more secure.


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