gpg4o 45 day trial

Thank you for choosing the trial version of gpg4o!

With the clever encryption add-in gpg4o for Outlook you can now encrypt and sign your digital messages easily and safely. This way you are best protected against access or manipulation by third parties.

If the download does not take place automatically, you can start it manually here:



If you still have questions about the product to which we do not offer answers in our FAQs, you are welcome to send us a support request. We will be happy to help you. Pleas follow these instructions:

    1. Click on “gpg4o – GPG for Outlook”
    2. After that, click  on “gpg4o-Help”
    3. Choose  “Contact support…” in the next window
    4. You will receive an information about what will be in the log files. After you click “OK” you will be presented a preconfigured email with the log files as attachments.
+ + +  Note for users of Outlook 2016 + + +

With the latest update of Outlook 2016 (Build 10730) Microsoft changed the way windows are rendered. This causes gpg4o to display parts of it’s user interface in wrong locations of the screen.

Interestingly Microsoft’s own CRM “Dynamics” faces the same issue. Please find a description about this issue and a workaround under

We have verified these settings and can confirm that it also works with gpg4o.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working on a solution that does not require to change this setting.