PGP-Keymanagement made easy
Enterprise KeyServer 
manages OpenPGP public keys

PGP-Keymanagement made easy

Enterprise KeyServer

manages OpenPGP public keys

Enterprise Keyserver – the OpenPGP PKI

The Enterprise KeyServer (EKS) is the ideal companion for email encryption in businesses and other organizations with OpenPGP supporting clients (e.g. Outlook with gpg4o).

Currently available public key servers are not suited to the requirements for key management in business environments. Key management is often a task even experienced OpenPGP users fail to implement correctly because of the unnecessary complexity and lack of management features in traditional key servers. In businesses key management itself is perceived as a complex time-consuming task unsuitable for standard users.

A solution for Windows environments is available with the Enterprise KeyServer (EKS) by Giegerich & Partner. EKS offers the following features:

  • Implementation of the OpenPGP HTTP Keyserver Protocol (HKP) for Upload and Download of keys and revoke certificates.
  • Runs on any current Windows operating system: WIndows 7, 8.x, 10, Server 2012 R2 or newer. All other system components (IIS, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express, .NET Frameworks) will be installed automatically.
  • Authorized Active Directory users can use advanced commands and delete keys.
  • Supports the Autoimport feature in gpg4o.
  • User-friendly key server web interface.
  • Easy to use Maintenance Tool for Administrators.
  • Key Synchronization Service with filters and scheduler.

For administrators in businesses it will be possible to pre-select and manage the key material for all users in the enterprise which will effectively lower the barrier to OpenPGP-based email encryption for standard users.

EKS is supported by all OpenPGP/HKP-supporting email clients like gpg4o, Symantec Desktop Email Encryption, Enigmail, Mailvelope, K9-Mail etc.

The Enterprise KeyServer for public keys is available free of charge as a beta version. Please visit the following page to download the required files: